Does my plotline/idea have potential?

by Anonymous

Question: Hey everyone. I have always wanted to write a book, but only have I begun to consider it seriously. I want to write a novel, about 200-400 pages long, and my major concern is if it will be worth it. I know that writing a book can be quite a commitment and consumes a fair chunk of your time. I'm only fourteen, so I'm still in school and am exploring many different ways of writing. But I really want to do a proper novel. Here is a brief summary of my plot/idea:

In Mondaeri, about 1000 years ago, the god of all things evil Velrog unleashed upon the world five Drarian Lords. These Drarian Lords possessed great power, and created awesome (in the traditional sense) armies of darkness. The heroes of old were able to 'stop' these Drarian Lords and soon the evil creatures were cast into myth and legend. But they were not gone, as they were a creation of one of the Great Gods. The only way to completely defeat them is to use the Sword of Lumen. The Sword of Lumen was sent down to the realm of mortals by all the gods that opposed Velrog. These include:

Sarundair - God of night and day
Bundollif - God of life
Caelembai - God of the sea and land

They combined their powers to create the sword that could defeat Velrog's evil creations. But Velrog had grown too powerful and he shattered the sword in to three shards; the hilt, the bottom half of the blade and the top half of the blade. These shards were spread out across the land, making it near impossible for one to find them all. It could only be reforged by the Carissimi, men chosen by the gods to be their representatives in the mortal realm. But the Carissimi had been hiding for centuries and were possibly even dead. The hilt, bottom half and top half of the sword were never found either, meaning that the Drarian Lords could never be truly eliminated. But men, elves and other races did not
care and believed themselves rid of Velrog's evil. Now, the inhabitants of Mondaeri have forgotten about the horrors of war and have turned on each other. They have created false borders, false titles and fight over petty matters. The story I want to write will follow many of the people living in Mondaeri during the return of the Drarian Lords. Primary characters will be Josef, a boy of thirteen who has run from home in the hope of sating his hunger for adventure. He will be heavily involved in the discovery of the Sword of Lumen, along with his friends Illys and Kenton. There is a lot of backstory and other minor events that occur during the 'Josef storyline', but I'm trying to keep this as short as possible. The other primary character will be Spariel. An elf working as an archivist and one of the first to learn of the emperor's death, he will be cast in to a world fraught with peril and magic. Again, like Josef, his storyline will also involve many other people, including Cillion who is the Head Advisor of the Wise Men (Emperor's advisors). He despises the current empiric bloodline, there is going to be a bit of back story on that, and tricks and deceives his way to the top. Others will also be involved in this story, but I'm going to try and keep this short. I have also written a substantial amount of lore for this universe. This includes general history, important figures and locations. Anyway, I hope this plot/idea seems ok. I really would appreciate some feedback as to whether I should begin writing this story.

Answer: It's not a completely original idea (I see echoes of The Lord of the Rings in this story), but that doesn't mean you can't do something original and interesting with it. In such cases, everything hinges on giving the characters personalities and inner conflicts that a contemporary audience can empathize with.

Here are a couple of articles you can use to make sure your plot is complete and well-structured.

Best of luck.

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