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Question: OK, so my novel is for Young Adults, I know that. The problem is, I don't know the genre within YA... that wouldn't be a problem except for when it comes to submitting to publishers. The novel is about a girl who gets in a wreck and develops a syndrome called 'fibromyalgia'. The novel follows her interactions with people, the concept of art, and her discovery of what's wrong with her. But THEN, it turns out it was all a plot, and she's been genetically engineered into a CIA weapon... yeah.

Answer: Don't feel you have to put a strict label on your book. The description you put in a query letter should tell the publisher what type of book it is. The first chapter should convey the voice and tone. No publisher needs more than that.

I trust you are submitting to publishers who publish books similar to yours. So the person reading your query certainly has the expertise to recognize what type of book you are offering. Just make sure you include the core idea of your novel - the thing that makes it special - in your description.

If you feel you need a very brief logline or elevator pitch (not a bad idea), you might invent your own. For instance, the idea for the movie Alien was pitched as "Jaws in space."

Maybe what you have is a 21st century teen version of The Six-Million-Dollar Man? A description like that might convey more than simply calling it a science fiction thriller for young adults.

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