by Michael Wilde

Question: SO, I have been writing for a while now and i have the descriptive writing down pat. However, my dialog stinks. It always seems to sound artificial to me. I guess what i would like to know are some general rules to apply when writing dialog an well as writing techniques.

Thank you!

Answer: Writing good dialogue is a big topic that is not easy to answer briefly. Apart from tips such as paying attention to people's conversations and participating in theatrical productions (where you hear great dialogue over and over), I recommend Lewis Turco's book Dialogue, part of the Elements of Fiction series which you can buy here ...


The book was also reproduced in the How to Write a Million series for the UK market.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, apparently, judging from some of the amazon reviews - which I disagree with. The book is written as a dialogue itself in order to model the craft for the reader, which some people don't like but I think works well. The book covers many different various styles and uses of dialogue, and the differences between dialogue for plays vs. books.

You can often get a used copy pretty for less than $5, which is a pretty good deal.

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