Creating the Antagonist

by Ashley

Hello. I'm working on a science fiction novel that focuses on the changes in human nature under pressure. I really want to show how this drives one my main characters to becoming the antagonist, but I'm not sure on how to show this transition (from collective to insane).

Response: You may want to do a little research to get the process to sound authentic.

However, I would suggest you break it into stages. The first step would be to show the character when he is still healthy of mind. You can choose your end point - what will he do that shows what he ultimately becomes. Then create at least two scenes in between that illustrate stages - how he begins to change under pressure, how it worsens over time.

If this character is the antagonist (often an important role), I suspect you will need additional scenes to show not only how his deterioration evolves but also his activities that work against the protagonist's aim.

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