Connecting ideas

by Apryl
( United States of America)

Question: I have a really good story idea and have every thing planed out but when i try to connect my different scenes i just cant find a way to fill it in the middle so that it runs smoothly.

Answer: It's impossible to answer this question properly without the manuscript in front of me to know exactly what you are talking about. However, if your scenes are illustrating the series of events that make up the story, then you may not need to create lengthy transitions. The important thing is that you set the stage for each scene by providing enough information to orient the reader - so he knows when and where he is and who's eyes he is seeing the story through. You can fill the reader in on anything that happened to the characters since the last scene as you go along, or (if something so important happened to them that you need to show it) write that scene and insert it earlier in the story.

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Sep 21, 2011
connecting scenes in a novel
by: Consty

If you find connecting your scenes difficult, you'd have to rewrite your scenes so that every scene ends on a decision --a decision that acts as the goal for the next scene. I hope this helps.

Jun 22, 2012
connecting scenes
by: sayass

what i do is review the story and find the factors for it that makes it the story. remember your scenes always leads to somewhere where you can make a new link to the characters. it is better if you reveal all your scenes like in a ring topology.finding the proper place to link those is what makes you a writer. so best of luck.

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