Choosing a Counterpoint (Consequence)


I am confused with the idea of choosing a counterpoint? Every step makes sense apart from this part under Consequence. I have easily written my plot and thanks to you I have been able to come up with a very good plot that I am really excited about bringing to life. However, the meaning of counterpoint has brought me to a stop. I could write my book without understanding this but I think I would be missing something? I don't want to get to the end and realize what is missing. I want to understand what you meant now. Can somebody please explain this detail to me?

Thank you


Answer: The Consequence is the disaster that will occur if the Story Goal is not achieved. It's the thing the protagonist doesn't want to happen.

I used the term "counterpoint" in the article on Plot Outlines in the sense of "opposite." The Consequence is the counterpoint or opposite of the Story Goal.

At the end of the story, the protagonist and the other characters will experience either the Goal or the Consequence, but not both. Either the heroine finds true love, or she doesn't. Either the villain is defeated, or the hero. Either the hero wins the prize, or he fails.

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