Character-World Crisis

by Britny
(Dayton, OH)

Question: So I have always been very good at making characters that are imperfect and even slightly paranormal, living in the real world believably. However, I have had this single character gnawing away at me for years now. He's an ancient Kumiho who has been living his entire life towards obtaining his 9 tails (through non-too righteous means, but that is a topic for another matter), at which point he can be considered a God and will be given a world of his own. He appears as a Korean male human. The problem is, I am having a hard time describing his entire life since his creation in ancient Korea, without stealing too much of the story happening NOW (in present time). Unfortunately, I feel the only way to make him believable is to describe his interaction with the history of Earth and its people, and his obtaining of the 7 tails he has now. How would you suggest I explain this highly in-depth character.. daintily, and without cluttering the reader?

Answer: Only give as much of his background to the reader as is relevant and necessary. Let your knowledge of it inform his behaviour, and that should give him an authenticity and perhaps an aura of mystery. But otherwise keep the focus on the story you're telling.

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