Characters demise?

by Alys
(Seymour CT)

Question: So I have a character who, no matter how many times I re-write the plot, always dies at the end. Sometimes it is reasonable, other times its an unneeded death. Like she got sick and died of it. Should I just yank the character seeing as I can't decide her fate and always have her dead any ways?

Answer: What's wrong with her dying? Obviously, your instincts are telling you she should.

Of course, if she's the narrator, that might be awkward, but it's not impossible.

If she's the main character... well, not all stories have to have happy endings and sequels. Tragedies can be great stories too.

There often are good reasons for having minor characters die: to show the costs of pursuing the goal, as a forewarning to show the consequence is looming closer, as a requirement (if an evil character is standing in the way of the goal), to inspire others to make sure he didn't die in vain, or sometimes just to tie up loose ends.

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