Character revision

by Tanya
(Fresno, CA, U.S.A)

Question: In one story of mine, which I began in 2006 and ended (after hiatus) in 2009, I'm having a protagonist problem. I want to revise and tighten my first draft and begin the second draft, but I'm having trouble getting back into the mind of this protagonist. Maybe it's because I haven't written him in a year or so, or because I have changed in the past couple of years. Either way, I want to be able to write this character again - from where he is at the story's beginning, to the end. Help??

Answer: I would suggest you get clear on what this character's nature is. If you didn't do so before, perhaps do an analysis of your characters traits, internal and external.

What are his desires, attitudes, ways of handling problems, qualities, purposes, etc.? What makes him the way he is? What's his background? Reconnect with what made him interesting to you before.

A second draft is a perfect opportunity to get clarity on anything you didn't think through the first time around.

It's also an opportunity to look at continuity. Did you write your character consistently before? If you are changing things this draft that affect his nature, make sure everything else is also revised for consistency.

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