Character Dynamic/ General Plot

by Melissa
(Minneapolis, MN)

Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions/ concerns. I am only about 35 pages into a fictional story that I think could turn into a novel (whether successful or not, I'm not sure).. There are three main characters, The heroine, and two men. The three love one another and are together, the three of them as a couple. Could you please provide an opinion to this scenario.. I am not sure how it might sit with the public if I were to have it published in the end.

Also, this fictional story is fantasy as well and deals with varying time periods and time travel. I am not at all sure how to implement the method of travel however and find it a major point of contention during my development.. Do you have any advice regarding this matter?

Answer: Yours would not be the first book to feature such an alternative lifestyle, so I wouldn't worry about that aspect. True, it might not be to some people's taste - but that's true of every book.

For that matter, fantasy is not to everyone's taste, nor time travel - but there are plenty of readers who do enjoy them. Your job is to write the best story you can, one that will appeal to at least one group of readers. If you do that well, readers outside that group may also be interested.

Regarding finding a method of time travel, the simplest solution is to make something up. Seriously. You're a writer, after all. That's what writers do. It's not like there's a generally accepted, scientifically proven method of time travel which you must adhere to. So invent something that gives your characters the abilities and limitations that will serve your story.

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