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Question: I have a pretty good idea of what I would like my character to look like, but it would really help to see it in front of me. I'm not the best when it comes to drawing people (yes, I've tried many, many times) and was wondering if there were any resources in existence where you can basically design a person with the wanted looks to adjust and find the best fit.

Answer: There probably are a number of computer programs that let you design characters in the manner of video games or animation, but perhaps not with the detail, authenticity, and variety you can find from looking at real people.

One common trick is to get hold of magazines and flip through them looking for photographs of people who resemble the character you have in mind.

Usually, it's best to avoid fashion and glamour magazines, because the people they feature are not a typical cross section of humanity. You may be better off with National Geographic, Life, or news magazines that show people as they are, not airbrushed or groomed for the camera.

For that matter, you can try going to a shopping mall or other public place and watch people going by until you see someone who resembles how you imagined your character. (Be respectful and discrete if you want to snap their photo, otherwise take notes quickly.)

You may want to borrow traits from several different people to create your unique character.

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