by Michelle
(Manchester united kingdom)

Question: Is there a set amount of words needed in a chapter of a book?

Answer: No. The length of chapters can vary both within a book and according to the author's style and the audience (books for children generally have shorter chapters).

The guideline (not a rule) for chapters is the same as for short stories. A chapter should be short enough that it can be read comfortably in one sitting. On the other hand, you don't want a chapter so short that it ends at a point where the reader feels she is just getting started -- i.e. not enough for one sitting.

However, the ideal length is is quite subjective. Most people like to read for an hour before bed. A beach reader might prefer two hours. Others want just a half-hour read on the bus.

Some authors will vary chapter lengths quite a bit. Others keep chapters all more or less the same length.

It's also a good idea to insert a chapter break when one event has concluded and the reader has been set up to be curious about what will happen next -- so he/she will be tempted to read one more chapter before bed.

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