Can't Merge Properly

by Devarsh

Hello,I want to write a romantic come revenge type of story about a boy who loved a girl so much and after a one year or so,she dumps him...the main problem is that the boy has been dumped twice and i want to merge both the stories and also a meaningful end to the story which i am not getting.Pleas Help,thanks!

Answer: I can't write your story for your. But I would suggest you consider what this boy needs to learn in order to find love.

The problem is that seeking vengeance against the woman who dumped him will not get the character much sympathy from the audience, especially if this is a pattern in this boy's life. He may come across as spiteful and dislikeable. You can't make someone fall in love with you, and anyone who thinks he is somehow "owed" love is clearly undeserving of it.

Even if you try to make the boy a nice guy and the woman who dumped him nasty, that's still a problem because a nice guy would not seek revenge, but simply be grateful for his narrow escape.

You might get away with the boy seeking revenge in the beginning, but during the course of the story, he's got to grow up and abandon this goal, or else be seen as a villain.

On the other hand, if you make the woman nice and the boy seeks to win her back, that might gain some sympathy. But then boy's inner conflict should be about his struggle to change and become the kind of man she can fall in love with, and not about punishing her.

(Of course, in the course of learning to be a better person, it may be that the boy recognizes that the woman who dumped him has her faults and he ends up falling in love with someone else who loves the new him.)

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