Can the crossover work?

Question: I'm a fanatic fan of steampunk, and am writing a steampunk book, hoping to turn it into a series, but I also really like certain elements of dieselpunk (did I spell that right?). Most of my world is pretty much steampunk, but in terms of weaponry and some aspects of government, it's really more of a WW2 type of look. Can I blend these two genres together smoothly, or do you think the influence from the 2 different time periods would clash too much? I take a lot of my inspiration from the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, if that helps. Thanks for any help you can offer! I really want to make it blend, but I'm not sure how I can.

Answer: Perhaps it's just a matter of explaining why some of the technology or design seems more advanced. Were two different cultures isolated from each other? Did one side invent the moving assembly line or the gasoline engine sooner? Is the newer stuff experimental? Readers will accept a plausible explanation for the sake of a good story.

Also, I'm thinking I should have trademarked the term Edwardian-punk, for the World War 1 aesthetic that lies somewhere between these two eras. (Trench-punk? Modernist-punk? Downton Abbey-punk?)

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Nov 07, 2012
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the insight. And I really like the idea of Edwardian-punk, though Trench-punk is a close second. Way to go!

Dec 13, 2012
by: Brayden

The term is Dieselpunk. It is dirty, with WW1-2 technology and soaked with dystopian imagery. Think 1984.

Feb 04, 2013
by: F.EN.I.X.

At first the above explanation made perfect sense to me. Dieslepunk = WWI-WWII time period. But then the writer of the comment said "Think 1984"... WWII ended in 1945. It sounds to me like you were thinking more of a Watchmen type of world, which would be Cold War era.

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