Can multiple characters be impact characters to each other?

by JL

Question: Is it okay to have three characters be impact characters to each other? I've chosen my "main" character, as in, the character that'll be making THE choice in the climax, but my other two characters are also PoV characters and I'd like to develop them fully.

Answer: Yes, it is possible.

The key is to have each of your POV characters experience a different type of inner conflict, so they can impact or influence each other in different ways. Redundancy tends to be boring.

Bear in mind that to fully develop all three characters can make your novel feel like three stories in one, since all POV characters are the hero of their own stories. It may help unify the book if they can all share the same overall throughline, i.e. be involved or affected by the effort to solve the problem that concerns the story world.

Best of luck.

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