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by Joe
(Pasadena, Tx)

Question: I'm writing a book about my family history and want to start each chapter with a date of importance or life changing event for each. Most of the book will revolve around the acts of one person and how it affects each of his children. While each event is true the dialogue is fiction. First, I don't know what or where to put it, fiction or nonfiction. Second, at the beginning of each chapter I would like to start with just a general date or should I be very specific?

Answer: Depending on the degree to which your account is based on established facts versus how much you invent, you could describe it as a semi-fictional family history.

How you date your chapters depends on the contents. Are you describing an event that took place over many days or months, or an event that happened on one day? The purpose of the dates, I assume is to help the reader keep track of the location of these events in time, so give the most helpful description.

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Dec 13, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

This answer help a lot, thank you.

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