Blind main character

by Leon

Question: I am writing a fantasy story and one of the three main characters is blind. She is the main narrator in the story. I only have the other two characters, to add visual imagery within the story because she can't. is it ok to have a blind main character? How can I incorporate the other two characters?

Answer: You have created a challenge for yourself, but one that could make a very interesting story. Writing from your main character's point of view, you will have to rely on sound, touch, taste, smell, etc. rather than vision.

However, if you are clever, you may be able to make that point of view interesting and complete for the reader. For instance, instead of describing how someone looks, your MC may have to infer things based on how the person sounds, feels, smells, etc. Of course, some information may come from other characters' speech as well. I suspect few readers have experienced exploring a fantasy world in a non-visual way, so you may create something special.

I would suggest you stick with this perspective, limited as it seems, as least for some time. You may find you don't need to bring in other point-of-view characters. If you do bring in other voices, don't do it just for the sake of imagery but only if it's essential to the story.

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Aug 10, 2014
Other Blind MC Books
by: Kate

I would read other books, like "Blind," or "Girl, Stolen" and see if those don't give you ideas. They both feature blind main characters. Or, if you have the opportunity, talk to someone who can't see and find out how they would describe everyday things. Or, experience it for yourself. Blindfold yourself and try walking around your house. You'd be surprised how unfamiliar the everyday seems when you can't see it.

Good luck!

Dec 28, 2014
Do a bit of research
by: Anonymous

I'd suggest talking to some one who's blind if you can.Its would help make a far better story-especially if you use it as an opportunity to address stereotypes.

Take this blog post I found,for instance.

This way you don't end up looking like an ass if some one close to someone who's blind(or even someone who's blind) reads your story.

Basicly?Make sure you get your facts right so you can do it well.

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