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Question: In my story many magical battles take place. I am having a hard time writing those fights. How can you write battles and still keep the plot going smoothly. The battles that take place in my story are big and have a lot going on it would be nice to know different ways to write fighting and magic. Thank you.

Answer: Some suggestions...

1. Remember that battles are not separate from the plot. They are part of the plot. Often they are important turning points or stepping stones in character development as well.

2. You probably don't need to describe everything that's happening on the battlefield. Focus on what your main character perceives - his personal journey through the events. It can help you to know the big picture, so you know what he will encounter. But there may be a lot happening that neither he nor the reader will never know about.

3. There's a basic dramatic arc that you can apply to every event in a story, whether it's a battle, a debate, or even a love scene:

1. setup or intention
2. complication (the building of tension)
3. crisis (the deciding moment)
4. resolution

Try to outline your fight scenes to create such an arc.

4. I'm guessing you are a fantasy reader. Take a look at some of your favourite fantasy novels where battles are described. Don't copy any of the details. Just look at the author's technique for describing them. What makes them work? How does the tension build to a satisfactory climax and outcome?

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