Authorisation at a young age.

by Ray Lee

Question: Where can I find a publisher? I have got lots of positive feedback from lots of different audiences, so I think it is time for the next step.

Answer: Websites such as Publisher's Marketplace, Preditors & Editors, and Agent Query list publishers and editors, and provide you with a lot of information you can use to create a short list of those you want to query.

You want to follow each agent or publishers submission guidelines (which you'll find listed on their websites). Look for those who are interested in your genre. Make sure your work is well edited. polished, and proofread before you submit.

If (as your headline suggests) you are rather young (under 18), you may not want to mention this in the query letter. If they like your writing, it would be a bonus (something that could get a little publicity). Until they know they like your writing, it could be an easy excuse not to request a manuscript.

Another approach might be to show your work to some professional writers (if they're open to it). You can tell them your age. If they like your writing and you, they might be able to recommend you to others in the industry.

It's not an easy process, whichever way you go, and you must be prepared to persevere and take a lot of rejection - but not take it personally.

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May 11, 2013
by: Ray Lee

Thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot!

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