Antagonist question

by Florence Howard
(Plant City)

Question: My story doesn't have a main antagonist per say. My story starts off as a family is dealing with the results of the after effects of their actions. One of my main characters is the protagonist and the remembers the affects that the antagonist decisions which caused the results that his family is dealing with. Do I need to put a face per say to the antagonist?

Answer: It's not that you "have to" do anything, and since I haven't read your story I can't give you an absolute answer.

However, you may find it useful to have a character who can personify resistance to achieving the story goal.

For instance, if the goal is to solve problems created by bad decisions the family has made, then you might think about which character would be most resistant to the solution. Who might have the most to lose if the problem gets solved? Who would prefer to remain in denial, to "bury the past," or to "let sleeping dogs lie"? That character may be your antagonist.

The resistance such a character could offer may be quite helpful in terms of the story, since it would give the protagonist a concrete opponent to argue against or cross swords with.

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