Another question about thoughts

by Laurie
(Newport Beach, CA)


You answered my question about underlining thoughts, but I also need to know if underlined thoughts need to start a new paragraph, like dialogue.

Also, I am writing about a dream the character in my manuscript is experiencing. Would it be appropriate to underline the sentences that tell about that dream, as I think it would be in italics when published? The dream could be as much as several pages. I am not sure yet.

Thank you so much for all of your help, Glen!

Answer: It's usually best to insert paragraph breaks with thoughts the same was you would with dialogue. The difference is that you will only be presenting one character's thoughts (in 99% of cases) so the rule about starting a new paragraph when you change speakers does not apply. It's more of a monologue, punctuated by whatever action may be happening at the same time. Insert a paragraph break when the monologue goes in a new direction.

It is also fairly common to have dream sequences, fantasies, or other events that occur inside a character's mind printed in italics to show the difference between them and events in the real world. This is true even if these go on for a few pages.

Sometimes, if the dream sequence is quite long, chapter breaks are used instead, because some people find it harder to read long stretches of italics.

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Jan 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I am now able to start on the first dream.

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