An autobiography that is anonymous, or made into a fiction

by Kellie

Question: I would like to tell my story for many reasons. To help others in along their journey in life and to help make sense of my own life and past. However if I write an autobiography it may reveal things about people in my past that may not show them in a good light if all truth be told, and some things about my life that I will bring into the open may be surprising to my family etc. I thought that writing my story but not revealing who the real people are or myself at this point in time might be the best way to go about it. I was wondering what style of novel writing this is, and how to go about writing this story. Any recommendations or tips? What type of novel would this be classed as? (Considering it is a true story but all identities including myself will remain anonymous preferably at this stage).

Thank you for your time, is greatly appreciated....

Answer: You may find that you need to change even more than the names (including your own). Certain places, years, etc. may give the game away, unless you fictionalize them as well--which is a good idea to protect yourself from potential accusations of libel.

At any rate, this would probably be termed a fictionalized memoir.

Of course, if you are fictionalizing in part, you might consider writing an actual novel. This would give you the freedom to create characters who are amalgamations of several real people, alter the situations and events for dramatic purposes, and change the setting. Yet you could still deliver the same message and a sense of authenticity because you would be drawing upon real events.

It would also force you to be a little more objective. Sometimes, when writing about events we are close to, it is difficult to see them from other perspectives. Yet to do so can add more depth and authenticity to the story.

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