Agents and Publishers

by Marissa

Question: Ok I'm no where near trying to find a agent or publisher but something I've always wondered is that well you pick an agent that does your genre type but if you write two different books one that's fantasy and then another that's Dystopian would you use the same agent and publisher or would you have to find a different agent and publisher?

Answer: If your books sell well, your agent will generally want you to stay with them. It simplifies your life too, because then one person can manage the royalty streams from all your books, negotiate with all your publishers, handle sales of subsequent rights to foreign publishers or (if you're fortunate) film companies.

Fantasy and dystopian science fiction are not that far apart as genres go, but if you write something your agent feels unable to handle adequately, they will let you know.

Publishers are a different matter. Once upon a time, publishers nurtured authors. They would invest time and effort to help promising authors grow. They might even publish a weaker first book if they saw a promising talent and wanted the author to stay with them (so the would get her eventual masterpiece).

These days, publishers are under pressure to only accept books that will be commercial hits, so your agent has the job of pitching each book you write to the appropriate publishers or divisions within publishers. So you could have different publishers for each book.

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