age of character

by Dena

Question: How old should my character Aubrey Brooklyn Leah be in my story "Angel or Girl"?

Answer: You haven't given me much to go on with this question, but here are a couple of considerations...

What age group are you writing for?

In genre fiction, a good strategy is to make your main character someone the reader can easily imagine themselves as, or someone the reader would like to imagine themselves as.

Middle-grade children's books (for ages 9-12) often want a main character who is the same age or slightly older than the readers. Slightly older is better, because then the character can do things the reader is looking forward to doing as they get older. The character becomes a role model.

YA books work well with main characters the same age as the reader, so that the reader can empathize easily with their perspective.

Romances also fall into different lines according to the age of the reader. Some romances are written for young women, some for mature women, etc.

Similarly, adventure stories are usually written for youngish people, and feature main characters ranging from teen to military age.

However, these guidelines are not rules. And some genres don't have such guidelines, so it really depends on what you feel best serves the needs of the story you want to write.

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