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by Amy
(Lakeland, FL)

Question: I am writing about a thief, ones that uses computers to steal money. All I know about computers is net surfing, writing my stories and yes watching youtube videos. What are the best things to do about research about the subject you want to write about but don't know jack about?

Answer: Obviously, you need to educate yourself on the subject.

Some avenues include...

* Talking to experts in the field of cybersecurity, cybercrime, and hacking. Many companies will have people working in this area. Some universities may have professors who are experts as well.

* Reading articles on the subject. Don't just read newspaper accounts of true crime, but also look at more academic articles. Look at the journals professionals in the field read. Every profession has its journals where they discuss latest developments, technology, and challenges. A research librarian may be about to help you track them down.

* Combing through the bulletin boards used by cybercrime experts. You might find people who can help you on these boards. (Especially after you've already learned enough about the subject to ask informed questions.)

You might also do some research on or even join hackers groups like Anonymous, and talk to members so you can learn how they think. (Just don't do anything illegal.)

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