About novel writing...........

by Farhan Usmani
(Bahawalpur in pakistan)

Question: What to do when I am stuck in a paragraph while writing novel?

Answer: Here are some possibilities...

1. Step back and remind yourself what the scene you are writing should accomplish. What is the event (change) that it is meant to illustrate? What will happen next that this scene will lay the ground for.

2. Go back to the last place in the writing where it felt good and rewrite from there. It could be you went down the wrong path at some point need to try a different path.

3. Take a walk. Sometimes doing something different will let your subconscious mind work on the story. When you return to the writing, the problem may have solved itself.

4. Skip ahead in the story to the next important event and then return to this event and finish it later. Sometimes working on a different part of the story has the same effect as taking a walk.

5. Go back and review your outline (assuming you made one). If you haven't made one, try making one. An outline is like a roadmap that can keep you on course.

6. If you haven't done so, try writing backstories for your characters, or more detailed character sketches. The better you know your characters, the easier it is to know what they will do in any situation.

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